Before Replacing The Switch In The
Weller Soldering Gun


Before you start solder wires on the terminals of that switch, 1st, make sure that soldering gun is unplugged from the wall outlet, and 2nd use a aluminum heatsink clamp to grab the switch's terminals or the wire; or else the soldering iron would melt the switch's body, and then those terminals on the switch, and if those switch's stationary contacts and terminal would start moving around, and then that switch would become no good, and it may not make good contact when the red button is pressed on. Also use a soldering iron with a temperature between 900 to 1000 degrees while using the those spring loaded clamp on aluminum heatsinks. Do not apply heat too long of time while soldering those wires to those switch's terminals, or else the soldering iron's would melt the switch's body.

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