How To Charge 1 Battery On
A 1 or 2 Pair Battery Charger Bay


If you want to charge 1 or 3 or any odd number of batteries on a battery a charger that is designed to charge 1 battery pair at a time, here's how you do it at this link:

Click Here
To See The Pic Of
The 1 Battery Charging Setup

That PC board on the left inserted in the 1st battery pair bay has 2 surface mount rectifiers, and a 0.5 ohm 1/2 watt resistor that are all hooked up in series, and each rectifier has an average voltage drop of 0.75 volt in which that is a total of 1.5 volt voltage drop on 2 rectifiers. So most NiMH battery chargers would charge a pair of NiMH batteries at around 3 volts, and those 2 rectifiers role are to drop the voltage to that 1 battery at 1.5 volt, and that 0.5 ohm resistor protect those 2 rectifiers from any overloads. So if the Rectifier Board is inserted in backwards in the battery charger bay, the battery won't get charged.

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